Are you looking to launch your ICO, STO or equity crowdfunding in Switzerland?

We offer startups easy access to a network of business, legal and blockchain experts to speed up the fundraising process. Our red carpet access to Switzerland means that the founders can focus on the product and sales, whilst we help you to make a smart decision in relation to your product, tokenomics and jurisdiction. Our fast-track approach will ensure that you can always move forward with your company development without any delays or blockers.


Business Model & USPs

Token Economics

ICO/STO/crowdfunding structure & process

Product-Market-Fit and Product-Community-Fit


Marketing & PR


Blockchain Solutions & Platforms

Platform and token design

Security Issues

Technical Viability

Crowdsale platforms


Jurisdictions & Regulatory

Token Classification


Presale/Sale agreements

Taxes (Income & VAT)


Bank account opening

Your benefits

What is the impact of our assessment on your business?


Design a competitive product for the decentralised economy.


Select the right technology and technology partners.


Navigate the legal world easily with a business hat on.

Why us?

Trusted partners for startups and investors.

Our team

Luke Szkudlarek


Product and growth hacking specialist with strong focus on fintech and crowdfunding for startups, co-founder of

Mario Colombo


Experienced product owner, lean startup and prototyping evangelist, blockchain developer and co-founder of

Tania Hardy

Head of Operations

Marketing and communications professional with international experience in Switzerland, Canada, the UK, and Hong Kong. Specialising in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Crypto Valley Association - Communications Vice Chair

Our Advisors

Dr. Katharina Lasota Heller


Attorney at law admitted in Poland and in Kanton Zug, specialising in technology startups.

George Wong

Ambassador Southeast Asia

Founder, Gild Network. A full time venture builder, blockchain advocate & investor and a great believer in the new shared economy.

Ralf Wandmacher

Blockchain Finance

Professor of Finance and Entrepreneurship at accadis University in Germany. 20+ years experience in derivatives trading, structuring and sales at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank and others in Europe.

Patrick Schueffel


Adjunct professor at Fribourg’s School of Management in Switzerland and the school’s Liaison Officer in Singapore. Educator, researcher and business Developer. Asset Tokenization Enthusiast. Advisor connecting the dots between crypto Europe and crypto Asia with many years of experience in banking and financial services.

Michel Kertai


Licensed attorney with 8 years of experience. Admitted to practice in Switzerland and California (USA). I help startups and expanding businesses get their legal ducks in a row to pave the way for growth and momentum. One of my main focuses is the fundraising process.