Investor Dashboard


The Challenge

Investors making a move into the crypto world are right to be wary, but launching a token sale is no less risky. Both sides of the transaction are looking for transparency, security and reassurances that they are dealing with the right people.

Our Solution

Our ICO / STO platform solution makes navigating cryptocurrency simple, safe and secure for everyone. Investors have access to the information they need to make informed decisions, and token sellers have a lean onboarding process that is easily adjusted to be compliant with any regional legal requirements, including KYC/AML.



Works with equity, debt and security token derivations

Accept payments in FIAT, BTC, ETH, NEO, XLM and more

Issue tokens in all jurisdictions, including the USA

Full internationalisation of languages and currencies

Supports private pre-sales, private and public STOs/ICOs



  • Flexible to specific legal requirements of issuing jurisdiction
  • Globally compliant KYC/AML onboarding customised to specific legal requirements



Lean onboarding with high conversion rates


Manual and automatic distribution of tokens


Supports referral programs to enable partnerships with intermediaries


Automated exchange rates to avoid any FX risks


Supports various bonus structures


Integrations with third-party services and platforms possible

Support and reporting functionality for administrators and compliance officers

Reconciliation features for administrators

Why Us

We are a growth hacking and development agency with a proven track record of helping to raise funds online. We have been helping companies to hack their growth through truly innovative methods since 2015. We help with every aspect of a token crowdsale, from crafting compelling branding to creating powerful web experiences designed to convert.

We’ve now created an ICO / STO platform solution that streamlines and simplifies the process for everyone, while remaining robust and compliant with regional laws.

Make it work for you

Our modular pricing unit allows you to build your token sale from the ground up using only the features you require. Everything you need to launch a successful, profitable and compliant token sale is available in our investor dashboard solution.


Investor signup, KYC / AML, admin interface, white labelling, GDPR compliant.


Smart Contract integration, token ordering, ETH transactions, exchange rates.

Smart Contract

Customizable ERC-20 Token and Token Sale contracts.


Accept BTC, NEO and XLM crypto currencies.

Referral Program

Reward users and third-parties for referring investors.

Additional Language

Add as many languages as you like to the investor dashboard.

Wallet Operations

Our SRO regulated partner takes care of all financial operations.

Automated KYC

Fully automated KYC process, no back office staff required.

Bonus Program

Pick from a range of bonus structures.

Fiat Currencies

Accept fiat currencies via bank transfer

Credit Card Payments

Accept credit cards.

Landing Page /

Fully automated KYC process, no back office staff required.

Email Automation

Fully customizable and styleable emails.

Secondary Market

Enable whitelisted users to trade your token on the exchange.

Investor Onboarding Support

Friendly and knowledgeable support staff.

Additional Security

Premium security with 2-Factor SMS / Google Authenticator

Who we’ve worked with before

We’re trusted by many experienced crowdsale start-ups, including:


Utility token with wallet and investor terminal. Empowers users to take control of their crypto investments.


Blockchain-based exchange for managing personal data. Raised over $15 million in ICO.


Fully regulated security token launch in the USA.


One of the first security token offerings in Switzerland, offering participation in the profits.

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